Whether you provide catering services from one, 10 or 1000 grocery stores, FoodStorm’s grocery store online ordering software helps expand your grocery business outside of the center aisle by growing your catering and prepared meals offering. FoodStorm streamlines the catering process from order placement through to production across your store network and specific departments.

End-To-End Catering Management

From Online Ordering, Store Allocation, To Production

Increase catering sales in your online grocery shopping software by enabling your customers to order catering online from their mobile, tablet or PC. Our team provides you with a powerful, branded, cloud-hosted website that is built specifically for grocery catering and online ordering.

Orders can then be allocated to the appropriate store, tracked, and managed through to production in the relevant department.

Encourage repeat customer orders via the Customer Relationship Management features – with the ability to market to your customers and leverage promotional features.


For single store grocers to large supermarket chains, FoodStorm is the only catering software solution in the world built for grocery catering.

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Online Payment & PCI Compliance

FoodStorm’s grocery ecommerce solution ensures you get paid online, every time, with online payment via FoodStorm. Stored credit cards allow your customers to quickly place repeat catering orders and be assured that credit card details are secure and that you adhere to PCI data security standards.

Order Allocation and Communication

Decentralize your grocery catering operation with orders automatically allocated to your grocery stores. Orders are sent by email and text message for store confirmation and your customers receive email updates throughout the process to ensure the order status is always known.


Powerful Reporting

FoodStorm’s online grocery store management software generates daily production and delivery reports for each store, saving hours of administration time and ensuring visibility across your operation. Run centralized reports to track sales performance of stores, products, departments and more!

In Store Ordering

FoodStorm understands some of your customers need personalized advice when it comes to their catering requirements. FoodStorm’s grocery catering software allows for in-store ordering via a kiosk or customer service representative.



Grocery Integrations

FoodStorm connects with your Point of Sale(POS), payment gateway, grocery ecommerce, finance applications and corporate networks, ensuring a seamless flow of information into your existing systems.

Grocery Catering Software FAQs

Yes absolutely! FoodStorm supports many grocers to support their catering operation, including online ordering.

Yes. FoodStorm integrates with leading grocery POS systems, including NCR. FoodStorm orders can be instantly transferred to POS for customer payment.

Yes. FoodStorm integrates with Google Maps and can automatically geo-locate stores closest to your customers.

Yes. FoodStorm’s core functionality is built for managing multiple stores / locations - your team can add, remove and update stores as needed.

FoodStorm supports user permissions for assigning people to selected locations, and provides advanced menu management functions for displaying varying products and prices per store.

Want to know more?

Our Features pages have more details of some of FoodStorm’s grocery catering software modules.
We’re happy to show you how our grocery and supermarket catering software can help you grow your catering business more efficiently and accurately.