Automated reports slash hours of work and improve accuracy.

FoodStorm’s flexible options for various logs, stats and reports makes it much easier to efficiently manage large-scale catering organizations.

Key Features

Production & Delivery Logs

FoodStorm has a comprehensive library of catering reports. Instantly generate a production log listing all the products ordered for that day. Split your report by areas of your kitchen, including item notes and kitchen instructions for each order.

Manage your dispatch and delivery by generating packing slips, stickers and a delivery run schedule for your drivers. Specify departure times and group your runs by driver or location. FoodStorm makes all of this easy.



Our expert team works with you to build FoodStorm reports exactly to your needs, whether mimicking your existing manual reports or building sophisticated new reports. We can create reports, documents and stickers to virtually any layout.


The analytics available in our software let you gain more insight into your business, allowing you to plan for the future much more effectively.

Analyze performance of your products, discover your top spending customers, view sales growth over time and much more.



Report Schedules

Set up a schedule to automatically receive any chosen report by email so you can analyse your data on the move. Schedules can be sent directly to your kitchen, so staff won’t need to log into FoodStorm to find out what they are making today. Or send sales data straight to your accounts department for reconciliation.