Get paid faster for your catering and empower your customers to pay online. FoodStorm’s powerful suite of payment features make payments simple and stress free

Key Features


FoodStorm provides online payment for your catering via our integrations with leading payment providers from around the world. Our mobile-optimized payment features are convenient for your customers, with all the benefits of getting paid on time.

FoodStorm’s unique Deferred Payment technology allows customer credit card to be securely captured when an order is placed, then the card is charged when delivery is made for the final balance.




Your customers can opt to save their credit card details in your system, making it quick and easy for them to place and pay for repeat orders in future.

Stored credit card details can also be accessed by your staff to process payments for telephone and emailed orders.


FoodStorm, along with our online payment partners, helps your business remain PCI compliant. All credit card data is captured, transmitted and stored via a Validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. Card data is encrypted and sensitive stored details are never displayed to your staff.



Never forget to send an invoice again. On the date and time of delivery, FoodStorm will automatically email your invoices to your customers. No more waiting on invoices being entered into accounting software, with FoodStorm’s wide range of integrations with leading accounting systems.

Invoices can also be printed, along with powerful bulk printing features – and FoodStorm invoices are highly customizable to suit your own brand and layout.


FoodStorm lets you quickly specify a deposit amount, as a percentage, and email a deposit invoice directly to your customer. Easily track deposit payments and outstanding balances to help your events run smoothly.

Automatic surcharges can be applied to certain payment methods, as well as custom surcharges such as agency fees & disbursements.