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For over a decade Eden Catering has been serving the Auckland, NZ area with their top notch corporate and event catering. Focused on using the freshest ingredients sourced from local produces with sustainable farming practices and delivering progressive menus with a positive food philosophy.

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Paul Milanovic

Managing Director

How did you first hear about FoodStorm?

12 years ago we found out from a web designer we were working with, who found FoodStorm from a Google search. We’ve been with FoodStorm from their very early stages and were one of the first to bring it to New Zealand, and have seen a huge transformation over the years.

What challenges/problems triggered Fingers & Forks to implement catering software?

Purely speed, efficiency and accuracy. Accuracy was the most important for us as we were using Excel spreadsheets as it was almost the only thing available back then; nothing was out there for catering. FoodStorm addressed this market over a decade ago and revolutionised what caterers can offer to clients and gives them true online variety and competitiveness. We needed to get away from manual processes and have everything linked up and integrated.

What system did you use before FoodStorm?

Microsoft Excel and manual writing of documents. So inefficient and inaccurate.

What trends in the catering industry drove the need to use FoodStorm?

For us, it was more of an internal push. There were some caterers in our area that had an online presence, but couldn’t order online at all, so Eden wanted to make that eCommerce site accessible.

What were you looking for in catering software solution?

Accuracy, ease of use, variety in online offering to customers and quality design with ease of end customer ordering. We wanted to have more control over editing and publishing on our website and online ordering menus. The hardest part was getting our head around using and managing software ourselves, but after training and using FoodStorm, we love it and use it all the time.

What made FoodStorm stand out over other software you researched?

Provided online ordering for catering; 12 years ago that wasn’t a common practice!

How did the FoodStorm help with implementation and ongoing support?

The FoodStorm team helped our General Manager set up our site, trained us thoroughly and provided support documents for additional help. FoodStorm is very good at communication and getting back to us. When the odd problem arises, the FoodStorm Team is onto it within 24 hours tops. When we wanted to change their design or our site, it was quick and quality. Their new webinars are also interesting and informative.

What have you been most impressed with being a FoodStorm customer?

How user-friendly it is for our customers. Customer feedback consistently mentioned ease of ordering.

How has your customers’ experience changed since you implemented FoodStorm? Have they provided any feedback?

FoodStorm helps us provide a starting point for our customers to see what is possible for their event and the type of food we can provide. This helps the customers begin shaping their ideas and allows us to have a high-touch relationship with them to teach customers how to order catering for 2, 200 or 2,000 people. Our customers provide consistent positive feedback about our services and ability to view options online.

What is your favorite FoodStorm feature?

#1 would be Abandoned Carts for sure! We also love the configurability of the software to each caterers’ needs and the beautiful, intuitive ordering platform our customers see.

How would you review FoodStorm in 1 sentences?

FoodStorm has simplified the ordering process for our customers and given them a window to view our products.

Overall, how would you rate FoodStorm, 1-5? (1 = worst, 5 = best)

5! 😁