Established in 2009, with it’s unique menu and nourishing food inspired by the fresh tastes of Vietnam, misschu was the original Asian street-food ‘tuckshop’ in Australia.

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Ben Nygate

Catering Manager

Misschu caters modern contemporary Vietnamese cuisine around the Melbourne area. We provide catering for birthdays, weddings, corporate events and everything in between. Our front of house staff are the best in the industry – all with over 10 years experience – and our food is packed full of spice and flavour, yet suits all age groups.

What problems were you facing with your catering operation before using FoodStorm?

Before Foodstorm, our operational systems were very labour intensive as we’d spend most of the day on the computer creating invoice menus.  

Why did you choose FoodStorm over other solutions to solve these problems?

We chose Foodstorm as they provide great customer service, and no question we had couldn’t be answered by them.

What are the key features provided by FoodStorm that were most important to your business?

Being on a well-structured and easy-to-use platform and easy to use.

How was the implementation process (working with the FoodStorm team)?

The implementation process was smooth and easy. Miranda was always patient and made sure to communicate with us on a daily basis to set us up.

In what ways has admin work reduced for your operations team? Implementing FoodStorm has helped a lot. We have halved the time we spend on the computer and it’s now much easier to monitor and track everything, such as payments.

How reliable has the FoodStorm system been since going live?

Pretty much perfect, we’ve found the system to be very reliable.

How would you describe the ongoing support you’ve received from the FoodStorm team? Immaculate!

Overall, is your business happy with the results of using FoodStorm and would you recommend FoodStorm?

Yes, our business is running smooth and well now. I would highly recommend Foodstorm to any catering company.