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FoodStorm FAQ’s

How much does Foodstorm cost to run?

FoodStorm’s pricing is made up of a one-time implementation fee, and an ongoing monthly subscription fee which covers software licencing, hosting, upgrades and ongoing support. FoodStorm licencing starts from $500 per month. Why not try a free demo?

How long does it take to setup and begin using Foodstorm’s catering software?

FoodStorm can be up and running as quickly as a couple of weeks. Ultimately the timeline depends on your requirements, and how quickly you can provide the information about your business to us to set it up, and your availability to support the transition.

Are you considering switching to Foodstorm’s software?

Foodstorm can help you with that. If you want to find out more about this process we have prepared information on how easy it is to switch to Foodstorm.

Does Foodstorm integrate with other software products?

Yes, we sure do. Our platform integrates with a broad range of applications, and our expert integrations team can help you every step of the way.

  • Accounting – FoodStorm integrates with Xero, MYOB, SAASU, Microsoft Dynamics GP, KashFlow, Sage, Reckon, QuickBooks, and Oracle Financials.
  • Online payments – Our team can help you set up FoodStorm to integrate with online payments platforms like Braintree, PayPal, and Paystream.
  • Other integrations – Integrate FoodStorm with other platforms like Mailchimp, Google Maps, Deputy, NCR Retalix, and Clickatell.

At FoodStorm, we understand how important it is to have your systems talk to each other. Integration with your other platforms can minimise manual labour inputs and reduce administration labour. It can reduce human error and boost the accuracy of your data. 

Integration could give everyone on your team access to real-time data or timely reports as they need it. It’s the basis for effective enterprise resource planning since your individual departments can coordinate with each other and work together.

Having accurate, timely visibility into orders and productions can help you make highly informed, accurate decisions and be more responsive as a catering operation. It can ensure your overall processes are more efficient, set the foundation for more efficient workflows, and support your team in achieving higher productivity.

Is Foodstorm available globally?

Yes FoodStorms supports users worldwide.

If my business upgrades to a catering software does the workflow of the kitchen need to change?

FoodStorm works with your existing processes, and are glad to tailor production reports to match what your kitchen is currently working from.

When I purchase my catering software with Foodstorm do I need to purchase all the features from the start?

No, we have options to purchase different modules as required.

What systems do I need in place to run Foodstorm?

A basic Internet connection is required to run FoodStorm. So as long as you can browse the internet & check emails you can use FoodStorm. FoodStorm also works on mobile and tablet devices so you can use the internet connected devices you already own.

What do I need to provide you to setup the system?

We ask for details such as your catering menu (including great menu item photos), key reports and any other details you can share about your process.

What will be my return on investment?

With FoodStorm you will immediately begin to see a return on administration overheads. FoodStorm will help you work faster, more efficiently, find more customers, furthermore FoodStorm will:

  • Increase online ordering revenue
  • Consolidate your orders into one place
  • Provide better oversight of your catering business
  • Bring all of your software together
  • Handle payments securely

Do I need to have an existing website?

No – we can setup the online Shopping Cart from scratch for you. Some of our clients engage a third party designer.

If you do have a website we can setup the Shopping Cart to match your existing branding.

I’m not very tech savvy, is Foodstorm right for me?

The FoodStorm system has been built to be very easy to use and most of our users get up and running very quickly! We do conduct training for you as part of the system implementation.

Want to know more?

Our Features pages have more details of some of FoodStorm’s main modules.
We’re happy to show you how our catering software can help you work more efficiently and accurately.