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FoodStorm FAQ’s

How much does Foodstorm cost to run?

FoodStorm’s pricing is made up of a one-time implementation fee, and an ongoing monthly subscription fee which covers software licencing, hosting, upgrades and ongoing support. FoodStorm licencing starts from $500 per month. Why not try a free demo?

How long does it take to setup and begin using Foodstorm’s catering software?

FoodStorm can be up and running as quickly as a couple of weeks. Ultimately the timeline depends on your requirements, and how quickly you can provide the information about your business to us to set it up, and your availability to support the transition.

Are you considering switching to Foodstorm’s software?

Foodstorm can help you with that. If you want to find out more about this process we have prepared information on how easy it is to switch to Foodstorm.

Does Foodstorm integrate with other software products?

Yes, we sure do. Our platform integrates with a broad range of applications, and our expert integrations team can help you every step of the way.

  • Accounting – FoodStorm integrates with Xero, MYOB, SAASU, Microsoft Dynamics GP, KashFlow, Sage, Reckon, QuickBooks, and Oracle Financials.
  • Online payments – Our team can help you set up FoodStorm to integrate with online payments platforms like Braintree, PayPal, and Paystream.
  • Other integrations – Integrate FoodStorm with other platforms like Mailchimp, Google Maps, Deputy, NCR Retalix, and Clickatell.

At FoodStorm, we understand how important it is to have your systems talk to each other. Integration with your other platforms can minimise manual labour inputs and reduce administration labour. It can reduce human error and boost the accuracy of your data. 

Integration could give everyone on your team access to real-time data or timely reports as they need it. It’s the basis for effective enterprise resource planning since your individual departments can coordinate with each other and work together.

Having accurate, timely visibility into orders and productions can help you make highly informed, accurate decisions and be more responsive as a catering operation. It can ensure your overall processes are more efficient, set the foundation for more efficient workflows, and support your team in achieving higher productivity.

Is Foodstorm available globally?

Yes FoodStorms supports users worldwide.

If my business upgrades to a catering software does the workflow of the kitchen need to change?

FoodStorm works with your existing processes, and are glad to tailor production reports to match what your kitchen is currently working from.

When I purchase my catering software with Foodstorm do I need to purchase all the features from the start?

No, we have options to purchase different modules as required.

What systems do I need in place to run Foodstorm?

A basic Internet connection is required to run FoodStorm. So as long as you can browse the internet & check emails you can use FoodStorm. FoodStorm also works on mobile and tablet devices so you can use the internet connected devices you already own.

What do I need to provide you to setup the system?

We ask for details such as your catering menu (including great menu item photos), key reports and any other details you can share about your process.

What will be my return on investment?

With FoodStorm you will immediately begin to see a return on administration overheads. FoodStorm will help you work faster, more efficiently, find more customers, furthermore FoodStorm will:

  • Increase online ordering revenue
  • Consolidate your orders into one place
  • Provide better oversight of your catering business
  • Bring all of your software together
  • Handle payments securely

Do I need to have an existing website?

No – we can setup the online Shopping Cart from scratch for you. Some of our clients engage a third party designer.

If you do have a website we can setup the Shopping Cart to match your existing branding.

I’m not very tech savvy, is Foodstorm right for me?

The FoodStorm system has been built to be very easy to use and most of our users get up and running very quickly! We do conduct training for you as part of the system implementation.

Is Foodstorm right for me?

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Cafes & Restaurants?

Yes, FoodStorm has been designed with cafes and restaurants in mind. FoodStorm catering software comes with an extensive range of features to help you manage your cafe or restaurant. Our platform is a complete system that empowers you in streamlining your operations and communicating consistently and professionally with your customers.

With FoodStorm, you’re well placed to scale up by offering your catering services to local organisations in the area. For cafes and restaurants already providing more than 10 regular catering orders each day, the FoodStorm platform helps automate much of their operations and enhances their processes through a range of features.

These features include:

  • Online shopping cart – FoodStorm features an online shopping cart, with fully customisable menus and automated invoices. This saves you time on phone calls and emails and makes it easy for your customers to order and reorder. You can update menus with a few clicks and offer personalised menus and pricing according to customer segment.
  • CRM tools – The platform also has CRM features to promote repeat orders by giving customers the freedom to place, change, track and cancel orders ­without having to contact you. This convenient customer self-service means reduced administrative labour and time savings for your business.
  • Production logs – On the backend, FoodStorm offers production and kitchen logs to support your team in producing orders. Our clients rely on this feature to support their kitchens for multiple sites every day.

Our clients agree using FoodStorm has made it easier to update their menus, invoice clients, and manage the separate sections within their kitchens with production and delivery logs.

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Corporate & Events Catering?

Yes, FoodStorm catering software is an excellent solution for your corporate and events catering business. It’s highly suitable for higher volume operations; for example, if you process more than 10 orders per day. 

You can use FoodStorm to streamline formal quotes for corporate customers and their events. FoodStorm gives you all the tools you need to create personalised quotes for your corporate and events customers. With our integrated CRM system, you can view real-time sales information for an in-depth understanding of your customers’ requirements as you prepare each quote. 

On the customer-facing end, FoodStorm offers a professional online catering ordering service your customers will love. The platform features a repeat-order feature that’s designed to help your clients easily reorder for their recurring corporate meetings. Additionally, customers can track their orders in real-time, freeing your team from manually managing orders. 

FoodStorm also facilitates special menus for specific clients, customised pricing for individual customers, and account payments for corporate customers. You can tailor menus and pricing based on customer, location, and other metrics. With a mobile-ready platform, your customers can place orders on any type of device. 

With our platform, it’s easy to assign invoices to customers and give customers the freedom to view, manage, and print their invoices. Invoices can be completely branded for your business, with your chosen colour scheme and logo.

Learn more about how our clients in the corporate event catering space utilise our software to maximise their daily activity, including Elizabeth Andrews & European Catering.

Is FoodStorm catering software suitable for on site corporate catering?

Yes, FoodStorm catering software can support any on-site corporate catering business with its operations. It offers a complete online ordering and shopping system that features sophisticated functionality beyond standard eCommerce platforms. The online shopping cart can be designed to match your existing website for a branded experience. By automating online orders for corporate catering, it saves you time and makes it easy for your customers. 

As the platform is cloud hosted, you can view and edit catering orders from any location, including at the catering site or on the go. When your customers need more personalised service during ordering, your employees can help your catering customers order their catering directly at the customer’s corporate office.

FoodStorm has specific corporate-catering features such as the option to charge to cost centre and set an employee allowance. Additional on-site corporate catering features include the ability to order directly to a building, meeting room, or other specific location. Customers can record their dietary requirements and delivery instructions, save orders as favourites, and access their order history.

Our numerous corporate catering customers rely on our secure, centralised order database to not only to streamline their operations but also to market to and communicate with customers. The platform can produce any report you need, including daily run sheets and reports on highest selling items for a given time period. FoodStorm can be easily integrated with accounting, payments, and marketing tools like MailChimp. This supports convenience, transparency, and data sharing across your functions.

Is FoodStorm catering software suitable for school catering?

Absolutely, FoodStorm catering software is highly suitable for school catering operations. Customers such as teachers or other staff members can log into the platform and submit their catering order directly from their office, from any device. The FoodStorm platform lets your customers order directly to buildings, meeting rooms, and other specified locations. 

For on-site catering at schools, you can rely on FoodStorm for managing any on-site event. Features include adding and removing meeting rooms, menu items, and internal cost centres. You can use the system to track details like start and finish times and generate production, delivery, and finance reports by site to better manage your day-to-day operations.

Our system has a comprehensive payment and invoicing toolset, which could see you getting paid faster by empowering customers to pay online. Customers’ credit card information can be stored for easy payments and repeat orders. You can charge your orders to your institution’s cost centre or through an employee allowance. 

It can be integrated with leading online payment providers, and you can set up invoices to be emailed directly to your customers when orders are delivered. Automating the invoicing process could eliminate the need to chase up payment and it could encourage customers to pay more quickly.

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Franchises, Chains & QSR’s?

Yes, FoodStorm catering software can complement your franchise, chain, or QSR operations thrive. One of the core benefits is how the platform can automate the ordering process to minimise manual and administrative tasks and boost accuracy. Our automated-ordering system is designed to give your customers a first-class ordering experience, regardless of the scale of your operations and how many customers you serve each day.

Key benefits for your franchise, chain, or QSRs include easy ordering. Boost sales by allowing your customers to order from any device, through a powerful, cloud-hosted platform designed specifically for the needs of your operations. 

  • Secure payments – FoodStorm provides online payments and is 100% PCI compliant, ensuring you adhere to strict data security standards.
  • Order allocation and tracking – FoodStorm’s order allocation tool lets you allocate orders automatically to your stores, assign department production, and track your orders. 
  • Reporting – Track store operations and performance and reduce administration time with daily production and delivery reports.
  • Centralised system – FoodStorm’s centralised system gives you a bird’s-eye view of your whole operation, supporting precise, timely management of your resources and staff.

In addition, FoodStorm integrates with your POS, finance applications, and corporate networks to create a seamless flow of information into your existing systems. 

One of FoodStorm’s many happy customers is Nando’s, which has over 250 restaurants around Australia. FoodStorm allowed Nando’s to deliver much higher quality customer service, simplify ordering for customers, and reduce manual administration for order processing. 

By switching to FoodStorm, Nando’s could access regular, accurate reporting for transparency on outcomes in its individual restaurants as well as groups of restaurants. According to Felicity Howden, Assistant Brand Manager at Nando’s, FoodStorm has allowed Nando’s to achieve a year-on-year catering sales growth of more than 35%.

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable as a Grocery Management system?

FoodStorm is ideal for the management of catering operations provided by grocery outlets. FoodStorm has a range of functionalities designed for your catering and prepared meals offerings within your grocery sites. As far as eCommerce tools go, your customer reps and customers can use FoodStorm online, on a mobile device, and at an in-store kiosk using a powerful, branded, cloud hosted website built for you. 

Integrated CRM features include customer feedback, marketing, and promotions. Our payment and delivery tools simplify every stage from POS payment and order fulfilment to automatic invoicing. The catering management features allow your grocery operations to allocate orders to stores, track orders, and manage production across your store network and by department. 

Integrated with Google Maps, FoodStorm has a multi-location tool that allows customers to order from their nearest store, and the platform lets customers manage and track orders in real-time. Order confirmation can be sent by email and text, and you can set up the platform to provide customers with regular email updates. With our 100% PCI compliant data security standards, stored credit card details are kept safe for your customers’ peace of mind.

FoodStorm can be integrated with your existing POS, finance applications, and corporate networks for seamless sharing of data and streamlined reporting. Generate daily production and daily reports by store for enhanced transparency and visibility. Easily track sales performance by store, product, menu, departments, and more. 

Our grocery customers like Roche Bros. describe FoodStorm as “the standout choice”, offering reliability, invaluable flexible configuration, direct integration with POS and financial software, and adaptive mobile experience for customers. High security standards have made repeat purchases faster and easier, and administrative work has been significantly reduced.

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Bakeries & Cake Shops?

Yes, FoodStorm can provide your bakery or cake shop with a comprehensive suite of tools for ordering, operations, and much more. Whether you’re providing specialty cakes to consumers or operating a wholesale distribution unit, FoodStorm offers a seamless solution that can minimise manual processes, automate much of the ordering process, and boost accuracy by reducing human error.

FoodStorm is designed to help you scale up quickly. Our happy customers in the bakery and cake spaces include BreadTop, Bourke Street Bakery, and Black Star Pastry. 

According to our customers, some of our most useful features for bakeries and cake shops include menu segmentation and personalisation. Excellent customer support, real-time reporting, ease of implementation, and the user friendliness of the platform are also noted our customers as major advantages of the platform.

With our system, you can quickly and easily upload new food items for changing menus. Customers also say FoodStorm has helped them with forward planning for things like staffing requirements and stock control. The adaptability of our platform where you can include add-ons and extra features were also highly regarded by our customers. Outcomes include lower errors, quicker order processing times, and easier customer ordering especially with highly customised orders.


Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Health & Aged Care facilities?

Yes. FoodStorm can support healthcare and aged-care facilities with managing their daily catering services. It can be used by catering operations specialising in the field. 

With our powerful, all-in-one, and fully customisable solution, your facility can automatically generate repeat daily orders, capture and process numerous orders, and oversee production from order to delivery. Use the one central system for everything from online ordering and updating menus to payments and invoicing.

Health and aged care facilities or catering operations specialising in these areas can use FoodStorm to manage multiple sites. Customers or facilities can review menus and submit orders from any device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. FoodStorm’s platform can be designed to match your catering company’s branding or your facility’s branding.

Use FoodStorm to track your performance data by site and easily monitor what’s happening at each location. Generate detailed, highly customised reports to oversee your catering operations. You can create daily run sheets to see all orders for the day, review highest selling items and other performance metrics, and generate specific sales reports to track growth outcomes. The platform also gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire catering operations to help you manage locations and products more effectively.

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Seafood Businesses?

Yes, FoodStorm is suitable for a seafood business that provides catering services. Whether your catering business provides freshly prepared sushi platters or other types of seafood catering, our platform can help you efficiently manage your orders. For a start, you can rely on FoodStorm to manage your seafood suppliers, assign production, and track delivery. 


FoodStorm’s sophisticated CRM features empower your seafood business with customer insights and support targeted marketing. You can provide customers with updated, personalised menus with individualised pricing. Reduce manual order management by giving customers the freedom to submit, track, change, and cancel their orders through the platform.

FoodStorm is designed to simplify the invoicing and payments process, reducing the need for administrative tasks and manual labour. The system automatically emails invoices to customers on the date and time of delivery, so you’ll never forget to send an invoice again. Encourage faster payment with secure, safe credit card payment options. With FoodStorm’s integration with leading accounting platforms, you’ll never have to wait for invoices to be entered into your accounting software. 

FoodStorm’s centralised order database helps streamline your seafood catering operations by making it easy to gain a bird’s-eye view at a glance. You can locate customer orders with our powerful search tool, send out customised email templates with quotes or order confirmation, and view order changes with a fast and simple screen. Other great features for your catering operations include one-click repeat orders, saving favourites, and click to convert quotes into orders.

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Meal Delivery services?

Yes. FoodStorm allows you to accept and plan orders for meal delivery services. Our platform can support your requirements whether you’re a third-party meal delivery service without food production facilities or a restaurant/kitchen with meal-preparation functions. 

Additionally, our platform can integrate with different meal delivery service platforms. Our team of integration experts can personalise your integration according to your operation’s needs. From CRM and online ordering tools to order tracking and reporting features, FoodStorm’s full suite of solutions allows you to manage your meal delivery operations.

Our CRM system is designed to help you get to know your customers better with data capture on sale history, key customer information, and much more. Use it to target customers with segmented marketing communications and to share real-time sales data across your whole organisation. Allow customers to order online, view personalised menus, track their orders, and view and pay invoices. 

FoodStorm’s multi-location feature lets customers view and order from their local store or other locations. For your meal delivery service, you can view all orders at a glance, and integrate your system with a range of leading accounting, payments, and other platforms. Enhance operations and strategic decision making with our highly customisable reports, which offer you sophisticated analytics on sales, customer spending, production, and much more.

Is Foodstorm catering software suitable for Not For Profit food services?

Yes. FoodStorm software can help you manage the ordering and distribution of meals to support your not-for-profit’s food security initiatives. Our platform is designed to help organisations scale up, so whether you’re providing catering to 10 or 1,000 locations, FoodStorm can assist with streamlining your operations. 


You can depend on our software to automate as much of your order processing tasks as possible. This can significantly reduce the need for manual or administrative input while boosting accuracy. 

Enable your individual sites to view customised menus and submit orders online. Sites or customers can view and track their orders in real-time, and you can use the secure, centralised order tracking database to manage your orders and communicate with your customers or sites. Set up repeat orders, favourites, and order templates for individual sites or customers. 

Your team can access all the real-time data they need for successful order fulfilment and delivery. FoodStorm’s highly customisable reports can provide your not-for-profit with timely, accurate, and sophisticated metrics for smarter management. 

If you receive payments, FoodStorm’s payment and invoicing system lets you send invoices automatically, upon delivery. You can set up online payments to make it easy for customers to pay.

Want to know more?

Our Features pages have more details of some of FoodStorm’s main modules.
We’re happy to show you how our catering software can help you work more efficiently and accurately.