Waverley Industries

Waverley Industries is a not-for-profit organisation and is one of Australia's largest employers of adults with disabilities. Operating in the Melbourne, Victoria region, Waverley Industries provides services in 3 areas: catering, gardening and maintenance, and packaging and assembly. Working with local businesses, governments and large infrastructure projects, Waverley's catering offerings have continued to grow year over year through their stellar customer service and in-house, honest-made food.

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Julie Bryson

Client Engagement

What challenges/problems triggered Waverley Industries to implement catering software and what were you looking for in a software solution?

We were using a warehouse management system for packaging components, and the data entry requirements for a catering order took an inappropriate amount of time. 15-20 minutes for basic orders, let alone if it was a detailed order with various dietary requirements which could take up to an hour to input! We also had no online ordering ability for our customers, so orders had to be taken via phone or email and then input into our warehouse management software. We knew we needed a software built for catering that offered an online shopping experience and that was easy-to-use not just for our customers, but for our staff. Automating our ordering management processes was a top priority.

What trends in the catering industry drove the need to use FoodStorm?

The immediacy of online ordering and customers being able to complete the order process on their own. Also seeing how other caterers were marketing to customers drove us to want a software that was more comprehensive in features offered for growing business.

How did our team help with implementation?

Gage from the support team has been an amazing asset for us, assisting in every request we have. Available via phone and email, the communication is always prompt and helpful. The additional webinar trainings are fantastic! Love learning more about FoodStorm features so our team can maximise usage.

How has FoodStorm helped your business since implementation?

FoodStorm has helped cement relationships with our own customers in large part due to the online ordering shopping cart. This has made our end customers happier and more apt to make repeat orders. FoodStorm has truly brought Waverley Industries catering into the digital world.

What have you been most impressed with being a FoodStorm customer?

Besides the outstanding customer support, reducing our average order entry time from 15, sometimes over 45 minutes, down to however fast our customers can make their selections and click “place order”!

How has your customers’ experience changed since you implemented FoodStorm? Have they provided any feedback?

Being able to look at our menus online, start a group order with teams and colleagues, and manage their own online orders has completely changed our customers’ experience and all their feedback has been incredibly positive.

What is your favourite FoodStorm feature?

We love being able to edit our own menus and see instant updates. Owning our information and changing items as needed has been very powerful for our operations. We also love being able to set up different Users.

How would you review FoodStorm in 1 sentence?

FoodStorm provides efficiency and productivity with great design and flexibility.

Overall, how would you rate FoodStorm, 1-5? (1 = worst, 5 = best)