Victoria Food Service Catering Co

Victoria Food Service Catering Co is a premium catering company delighting Christchurch and Canterbury customers for more than 35 years. Specialising in corporate catering, events, conference and funerals, their team ensure only the best local ingredients are sourced and top notch service is delivered.

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Chris Ballinger


How did you first hear about FoodStorm?

Doing some online searching for catering software.

What challenges/problems triggered Victoria Food Service to implement a catering software?

We found we were wasting an insane amount of time and resources trying to take and manage orders on paper and knew we needed a better, more digital way to handle everything.

What system did you use before FoodStorm?

Paper and pen for order taking and management, phone and email for customer communication and spreadsheets for historical tracking.

What were you looking for in a catering software solution?

We needed a solution that was easy for customers to use, navigate and find what they need without relying on our team to help them manage it. The automation of order taking and customer autonomy was key in our search.

What made FoodStorm stand out over the other companies you researched?

FoodStorm’s simplicity. The look, functionality and ease of use is a clear standout.

How did our team help with implementation?

The FoodStorm team helped set up our menu, answer our questions and get our unique settings confirmed in our system.

How has FoodStorm helped your business, saved you money and/or increased productivity since implementation?

FoodStorm has saved us a lot of money by being able to automate and handle the work of multiple people in just a few minutes.

What have you been most impressed with being a FoodStorm customer?

Once again the simplicity of their system and the overwhelming positive feedback from our customers saying how easy it is to order online and manage it themselves.

How has your customers’ experience changed since you implemented FoodStorm? Have they provided any feedback?

Not directly, but our order numbers have definitely increased since changing over and any errors are now entirely because of human error in the shop rather than anything to do with our order system, which was largely the case prior to using FoodStorm.

What’s your favourite FoodStorm feature?

Our team loves being able to see the sales of the last 6 weeks so we can project ingredients, staffing and menu needs.

How would you review FoodStorm in one sentence?

Quick and easy, and you don’t have to be tech savvy to use it.

Overall, how would you rate FoodStorm, 1-5? (1 = worst, 5 = best)

5 for sure.