One Hundred Hospitality

One hundred Hospitality is home to three unique event and catering brands in Sydney. With a focus on polished service, hand made products and personality in their presentation, the group of businesses have grown quickly in both size and associated operational demands.

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Christopher Dair


What problems were you facing with your catering operation before using FoodStorm?

The major challenges were finding a cloud based system that allowed integration with Xero and the ability to handle large volumes of orders and events in one place. The system needed to be able to grow with us.

Why did you choose FoodStorm over other solutions to solve these problems?

The benefit of a local support network and the ability to customise and integrate the software were the main selling points. The integration of online shop was also a major selling point.

What are the key features provided by FoodStorm that were most important to your business?

  • Xero integration.
  • Event management across equipment, event teams, and the automation of reports within a schedule.  
  • And the ability to split production reports into departments is extremely useful to us.

How was the implementation process while working with the FoodStorm team?

The process was always going to be an involved one, but the team felt well supported in working through different options and quick solutions to make our transition a smooth one.

What was the business reaction to the new FoodStorm system?

After working through customisations and truly understanding the breadth of the features within Foodstorm, the team began to understand the value in the efficiency that was able to be achieved. We look back now and don’t know how we managed to operate without the software.

In what ways has admin work reduced for your operations team?

The handling of events requires solid planning, and the system allows us to generate reports which make the resourcing, planning and packing for events a much more streamlined operational task.

In what ways has customer service improved?

Our clients are able to easily place orders and download invoices, which both removes administration tasks for our team and our clients.

Have catering sales increased since implementing the FoodStorm shopping cart?

Our sales have increased month on month since we implemented the software, yet we haven’t needed to grow our administration team nearly as quickly as we had anticipated. The system takes lots of the work out of handling our orders, and our existing team can handle the growth as a result.

How reliable has the FoodStorm system been since going live?

The system is very reliable and we rarely experience any issues.

How would you describe the ongoing support you’ve received from the FoodStorm team?

The support has been great in terms of looking at new ways to assist with finding efficiency, and how the system can support this.

Overall, is your business happy with the results of using FoodStorm and would you recommend FoodStorm?

Yes and Yes! We can’t wait to see what new features the software has in store.