Burnt Honey Bakery

Located on the central coast of New South Wales, Australia, Burnt Honey Bakery offers delectable baked goods with a mission focused on social responsibility, raising funds to support Aboriginal communities. Offering a mix of artisan pastries, sourdough bread, local coffee, gluten free and vegan options made from organic ingredients, Burnt Honey Bakery has something for everyone.

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Hayley Thorncraft


How did you first hear about FoodStorm?

I saw that Black Star Pastry, a patisserie that I used to work at, was using the platform and brought it to Burnt Honey Bakery.

What challenges/problems triggered Burnt Honey Bakery to implement a catering software?

We were using a really clunky system through SquareSpace which didn’t cater at all to our very specific needs as a retail bakery that prepares everything in house from scratch. We needed a system that would give us complete control over cut-off times and dates, allow pickup times, allow us to manipulate availability of certain items on big sales days such as Mother’s Day or Christmas Eve, and we needed something that was easy to use and generated clear and flexible reports.

What system did you use before FoodStorm?


What trends in the catering industry drove the need to switch to FoodStorm?

COVID almost entirely drove us to use FoodStorm. We started taking online orders in March 2020 when we chose to close and operate as delivery-only for a month to keep our community safe. We found that we attract a lot of customers from Sydney and didn’t want to be responsible for cases entering our community. We had considered online ordering before that, but the COVID situation really pushed us into action. The system we used was awful as it’s not designed for our industry, but I’m sure it’s great for online retail! When I came across FoodStorm I jumped on it immediately.

What made FoodStorm stand out over the other companies you researched?

FoodStorm was the only platform that we came across that had the functions that we needed to keep the backend management to an absolute minimum and make the entire order process smooth for the customer.

How did our team help with implementation?

Everything was very swift, the FoodStorm team was clear about what information they needed so I was able to supply it all promptly and set up was very smooth.

How has FoodStorm helped your business, saved you money and/or increased productivity since implementation?

The amount of time that I now spend managing orders is near non-existent, so I’ve saved an awful lot of hours and energy!

What have you been most impressed with being a FoodStorm customer?

How easy it is to use for both our internal team and customers, and how flexible the system is to fit our needs.

How has your customers’ experience changed since you implemented FoodStorm? Have they provided any feedback?

Not directly, but our order numbers have definitely increased since changing over and any errors are now entirely because of human error in the shop rather than anything to do with our order system, which was largely the case prior to using FoodStorm.

What’s your favourite FoodStorm feature?

Being able to set order limits and rules on specific items on our biggest selling days.

How would you review FoodStorm in one sentence?

It’s a very easy to use, flexible and reliable system with quick and helpful support.

Overall, how would you rate FoodStorm, 1-5? (1 = worst, 5 = best)

The system and service are 5’s, definitely.