Feature Spotlight: Smart Cut-Offs

graphic illustrating smart cut-offs for online food ordering

Customers today want flexible ordering options, so why not provide more choice in the timing of your catering services? Introducing Smart cut-Offs, FoodStorm’s newest feature giving you more control over when you offer certain products, including real-time ordering.

What are Smart Cut-Offs?

Smart Cut-Offs are cut-off times applied to specific catering items or groups of items in your online ordering menu. This ensures every product has adequate preparation time, and allows you to offer same-day ordering for selected products.

How can Smart Cut-Offs help my catering business?

There are many ways Smart Cut-Offs can be utilised, depending on your catering offering, production and delivery capabilities.. Some more popular ways Smart Cut-Offs can help catering businesses are:

  • When specific products are sold for same-day pickup or delivery. For example, individual lunch items, coffees or other quickly produced items, which are great for cafes with a storefront and catering offering.
  • When certain products require extended preparation time. For example, caterers offering extravagant cakes or large platters of intricately prepared hot items.
  • When particular products rely on a supplier that requires a longer lead time than other products. For example, caterers that do custom or seasonal menus for event catering.


online food ordering for item with smart cut-off date


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