Feature Spotlight: Order Types

colourful graphic showing different event types

If you’re a multi-faceted caterer offering different types of catering services, it can become difficult to manage; particularly the varying customer communication that goes along with each service. The proposal you may send for wedding catering could be different than the one you want to send for a corporate event. Or perhaps you routinely work with the same venues, which each require specific communication that you want stored for easy access. The FoodStorm Order Types feature can help streamline these processes and free you up to work on more important things.

What are Order Types?

Order Types allow you to define the type of order you are entering, such as corporate vs event, drop off vs full service, venue names and even wholesale vs retail. 

How can Order Types help my catering business?

Utilising Order Types can help reduce time spent on administrative tasks by triggering additional features once set up. This helps your catering business become more efficient and reduce labour costs. By defining the Order Type, you have a range of features in FoodStorm that can then be used:

  • Set up email templates for each Order Type with different content and even different attachments such as quotes; 
  • Set each Order Type to a different colour so you can visually see on your Orders Page the type of orders you have for a given day;

example showing order types colour-coded in customer portal

  • Make Order Types mandatory to ensure staff never miss entering this information;
  • Turn off auto invoicing for certain Order Types, such as events, to give you time to finalise costs before you invoice the customer. The “To Invoice” shortcut on the orders page will then appear;  
  • Run Sales by Order Type reports to see sales figures, segregated by your different types of catering. This is perfect for tracking the success of each of your different catering services. 


example of drop down menu in FoodStorm backend for selecting a specific order type for a catering order


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