Black Star Pastry

Since its humble beginnings in 2008, Black Star Pastry has grown from boutique patisserie to a brand with its own cult-like following. Serving up handmade, thoughtfully-crafted cakes and pastries sourced only from local and natural ingredients, Black Star Pastry is now one of Sydney’s most popular patisseries.

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David Henley

Chief of Staff

Black Star Pastry enlisted FoodStorm’s help to streamline their ordering systems and planning.

What problems were you facing with your catering operation before using FoodStorm?

Our existing software was more like a warehouse system and didn’t have the forecasting capabilities that FoodStorm has. FoodStorm was a more forward-facing alternative, which now helps us plan things like staff requirements and stock control.

Why did you choose FoodStorm over other solutions to solve these problems?

FoodStorm offers fantastic customer support, which helped us transition to a new system. Their sales representative was also our ongoing contact, so we didn’t feel we would get passed along and lose that trust and line of communication, like with other companies.

What are the key features provided by FoodStorm that were most important to your business?

FoodStorm learnt about our business to see how their system could be adapted to our operations, and not the other way around. FoodStorm has enough core structure to help us organise, and flexible add-ons and extra features so our staff can keep the information they need.

How was the implementation process (working with the FoodStorm team)?

It was easy to start off with FoodStorm. Their team asked a bunch of questions, we provided some data and information, and then there was a short period of testing and training before we completely adopted the platform.

What was the business reaction to the new FoodStorm system?

In comparison to what we had before it was a welcome change that the staff were open to. Since implementing FoodStorm we’ve seen improvements across the board, such as reduced errors and faster order processing times.

In what ways has customer service improved?

FoodStorm’s branded shopping cart has made ordering much simpler for our customers. FoodStorm comes with a range of catering-specific features that allow us to add more specificity about orders, meaning we can customise our clients’ orders with efficiency and ease.

Overall, is your business happy with the results of using FoodStorm and would you recommend FoodStorm?