Feature Spotlight: Social Media Marketplace Integration

social media marketplace

As online ordering grows in almost every commerce sector, it is natural that the growth of businesses selling through social media platforms is also on the rise. For catering companies this can be a powerful avenue to not only reach your existing followers, but branch out into new business and markets. FoodStorm’s Social Media Marketplace Integration now makes it simple to publish your menu to Facebook and Instagram.

What is Social Media Marketplace Integration?

If you are a social media user of Facebook and/or Instagram you may have noticed you are able to purchase goods and services directly from businesses on these platforms. This is available to would-be customers by creating a catalogue of your products within your business accounts on these social media sites.

How can Social Media Marketplace Integration help my catering business?

If your catering business maintains social media business pages, this can be another avenue for current and new customers to find your products and order catering. You can automatically sync your FoodStorm product catalogue with Facebook and Instagram, and connect it to different advertising and sales channels. This allows you to show specific audiences, such as people of a certain age in certain geographical locations, your catering offerings to increase the chances of purchasing.

FoodStorm provides a Facebook plugin, which enables you to easily copy your online menu over to Facebook and Instagram. This includes key product information such as photos, descriptions and prices and links customers back to your FoodStorm shopping cart. This feature can then be scheduled within Facebook to sync on a regular basis so your catering items are kept up-to-date.

FoodStorm customers who implemented Social Media Marketplace Integrations in 2020 saw up to 29% and 24% of online orders come through Facebook and Instagram, respectively. It’s easy to see why this feature is a no brainer for the modern caterer!


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