Manage your catering orders and quotes the smart way. FoodStorm provides you with a secure, centralized order database, coupled with an extensive range of features to streamline your operations and provide consistent, professional communication to your customers.


All Orders in One Place

Manage all of your catering orders from a single, easy to use system – shared by your whole team. Quickly locate customer orders with a powerful search, or view upcoming orders using a simple calendar view.

FoodStorm is cloud hosted, so you can view and edit your catering orders from work, home or on-the-go. Download the free FoodStorm App for your iPhone, iPad or Android device:

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Fast & Flexible Order Entry

Record new catering orders with ease using a form built for speed and built for catering. Lookup existing customer details, enter menu items as well as production notes and delivery instructions. Product prices and tax settings are automatically applied, and you can optionally apply discounts, deposit amounts and much more.

Consistent Communication

Never miss sending a quote or forget to email an order confirmation. FoodStorm handles your communication, using customizable email templates that are sent with every order or quote. Emails can be branded with your corporate email footer, and all email communication is logged for your peace of mind.


Comprehensive Order History

Gain full visibility over all changes to your catering orders with FoodStorm. See exactly who changed an order, when the change was made, and what changes were made – all via a fast and simple screen.

FoodStorm’s order change tracking can be a life saver when issues arise due to amendments.

Powerful Printing

FoodStorm can produce an unlimited number of printed documents, tailored to suit your business. Print Invoices, Packing Slips, Run Sheets and more with just a click. All documents can be branded with your logo, fonts, colors & layout – with expert assistance from our team to ensure a professional image for your company.

Print an entire day’s worth of orders in seconds using powerful bulk-printing features, or simply email your documents as PDF files directly to your customers.

example of the customer catering proposals that can be created for customer within the FoodStorm system


Repeat Orders, Quoting and Much More

Placing repeat orders for customers is a breeze with FoodStorm. Simply search for a previous customer order and duplicate it – with FoodStorm ensuring that your latest prices are always applied. FoodStorm also provides a Favorites feature, allowing you to create order templates for frequently ordered items.

Use FoodStorm to send professional quotations to your potential customers, and never forget to follow up a quote thanks to FoodStorm’s Upcoming Quotes feature. When a customer is ready to proceed with a quote, convert the quote into an order with just a click.