Know your customers better with our CRM system

Gain powerful insight into your customers with FoodStorm’s real-time Customer Relationship Management data. FoodStorm CRM provides you with important information such as sales history, upcoming catering orders and key customer information when placing orders or quotes.

FoodStorm CRM isn’t just a contact database – it also enables you to send targeted marketing communications to your customers, segmented by key sales information. So you can use it to grow your business.

Help your catering team with these great features

FoodStorm CRM is helps improve efficiency by making it simple to record, track and
share information across your catering operations.

Real-Time Sales Information

Instantly see a detailed sales history for your customers, enabling your team to better understand your customer’s requirements when placing orders or preparing quotes.

  • View real-time sales information when placing orders or quotes.

example of FoodStorm backend showing real-time sales information on catering orders

example of customer account note-taking ability in the FoodStorm backend

Standing Order Notes

Record permanent notes against your customers to ensure their important criteria are met when delivering a catering order. Notes can also be recorded per Department; such as sandwich fillings or platter preferences.

  • Store and view standing order instructions per department.

Suspend Customers

If you are having issues with a customer paying, flag them as suspended in FoodStorm. This will be clearly highlighted when placing a catering order, or confirming an online order.

  • Suspended companies are clearly displayed when placing or confirming an order.

example showing a suspension label on a customer account in the FoodStorm system

Saved Searches

Group your customers based on sales data to use in your marketing activities. For example, quickly view all new customers, top spenders or customers who have not ordered for 30 days. You can also segment customers based on certain order types, such as corporate or wedding orders.

  • Group customers based on sales data.
  • Instantly view sales history and standing order notes.

Marketing Export & Integration

Export your segmented customers to Excel for further marketing activities such as mail outs.

FoodStorm’s integration with MailChimp has also been enhanced, allowing your saved searches to be automatically synced with MailChimp every 24 hours, so you can pick up where you left off. It’s all about helping you give better customer service every day.

Get valuable feedback from your customers with our Event Feedback tool

After a catering event, knowing what worked well and what needs improvement is highly valuable to any business. FoodStorm CRM provides an Event Feedback tool that sends automatic emails to customers requesting feedback on their catering events.

It’s quick and easy for customers to do and you can view the results on your Orders page, or in a specially-designed feedback report.

Plus, if you’re using the FoodStorm Staffing module, you can get direct feedback from event staff on different aspects such as the food presentation, cleanliness or beverage consumption.

FoodStorm can even send instant notifications to your team when feedback is received – which is especially important in the event of poor feedback, giving you the chance to instantly follow up with the customer and address their concerns.

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