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We provide sustainable catering to corporate clients in the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Our other catering services include backstage riders, private events, and shows/events at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.

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Andrew Schubert

Finance Manager

What problems were you facing with your catering operation before using FoodStorm?

  • We had to process orders manually, which did take a long time.
  • Clients were not receiving order confirmations.
  • We had to do manual invoicing, which took around 2 hours every day.

Why did you choose FoodStorm over other solutions to solve these problems?

We felt that Foodstorm offered solutions that could not be fixed internally.

What are the key features provided by FoodStorm that were most important to your business?

Order confirmation, automatic invoicing, online ordering, reports, and item counts.

How was the implementation process  when working with the FoodStorm team?

The implementation was smooth and quick. The training provided was professional and easy to understand. Any problems that we faced were solved quickly by the team at Foodstorm.

What was the business reaction to the new FoodStorm system?

The reaction from the business was positive. The staff and clients have received Foodstorm with a great attitude. It does make ordering and organisation a lot simpler.

In what ways has admin work reduced for your operations team?

Admin work has been reduced in the following ways:

  1. Ordering time cut in half by being able to enter orders in quicker and by the client.
  2. The amount of emails being typed has reduced by half, due to automatic confirmations.
  3. Entering invoices had reduced by two hours a day.

In what ways has customer service improved?

Customer service has improved due to the quick turnaround of entering an order. Foodstorm looks more professional as we were previously doing things the old school way.

Have catering sales increased since implementing the FoodStorm shopping cart?

I would say sales have increased by 15% since using Foodstorm. Sales have increased because new clients are able to place an order online themselves.   They don’t have to speak to anyone to make the initial booking.

How reliable has the FoodStorm system been since going live?

Food storm has been very reliable.  We only had a few issues at the start, but I think that was because it was a new program to us.

How would you describe the ongoing support you’ve received from the FoodStorm team?

The ongoing support has been very good. As our business has increased we have asked them to make new reports for us, and to share new report functions that Foodstorm have introduced. Your response time to action new report building has been quick and efficient.

Overall, is your business happy with the results of using FoodStorm and would you recommend FoodStorm?

Yes our business is very happy with Foodstorm, and we would recommend Foodstorm to other businesses.