Elizabeth Andrews

Elizabeth Andrews is a large scale corporate catering operation in Melbourne. Processing over 1000 orders per month they needed a solution to help them manage their growing catering orders.

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  • Customer Since: October 2007
  • Solution: Corporate Catering
  • Average orders per month: 1000

Duncan Scudamore

General Manager

What challenges did you face in your old system:

Key challenges included:

  1. Paper based system.
  2. Very little interface between ordering system and finance.
  3. Production analysis and scheduling was time consuming and potentially inaccurate.
  4. Communication between Customer Service and production was “Clunky” and prone to errors.

Why did you choose FoodStorm:

Nothing else in the marketplace compared to it. It appeared to be a “one stop shop” solution from the operational/customer service point of view.

What is your favourite feature of FoodStorm and why:

  1. Sales by day – assists in understanding when orders are placed (start of week opening sales V’s end of week). Gaining an understanding of intra-week sales also assists in customer service rostering.
  2. Sales by item – we are now easily able to analyze sales frequency of new product lines, special offers and trial products.

Has this feature saved you money?

Yes. It assists the decision making process for:

  1. Rostering of customer service personnel.
  2. Stock control when it comes to consolidating product lines.
  3. Ordering and wastage control.

What is the highest cost saving feature you use?

Order inputting by customer service – no longer paper based.

What feature is used most heavily?

Production – Production logCustomer

Service – Order inputting

Management – Sales by day/item

Would you recommend FoodStorm and why?

Yes – System is excellent at processing orders, improving communication between customer service, production and dispatch.