New Refund Features in FoodStorm

Whatever kind of business you run, having a process for handling refunds is an important service you need to provide for your customers. A refund policy is legally required in many areas of business, and having one gives your customers peace of mind knowing that you are that you willing to guarantee your products and services.

Just having a refund policy is not enough – it also needs to be an easy and transparent process. As a customer, having to fight for compensation or wade through unnecessary red tape when executing a refund can lead to bad reviews and lost sales for a business. Research has shown that one bad customer review can cost a business up to 30 customers, so it’s vital you act quickly when rectifying any problems or issues with your service.

FoodStorm Catering Software now allows you to easily process and track  refunds for your customers. The new refund facility helps ensure that your customers are quickly compensated for over-payments or items not delivered, and refunds can even be made directly onto the customer’s credit card. It’s just another way FoodStorm streamlines your admin tasks and helps you provide your clients with the five-star service they expect.

How it works 

Simply add a Credit for the amount to be refunded, and then click Refund to select a payment method.


Customers using the Advanced Payments Module can refund credit card transactions directly to the customer’s credit card without leaving FoodStorm.


Refunds are also supported by the following Accounting Integrations; Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live and Sage. If you’re using one of these systems, each time you export orders from FoodStorm any refunds will be automatically included in the export (Please note, older desktop accounting systems are not supported, including MYOB Premier v19 and Reckon Accounts Desktop).

How to get the FoodStorm refund facility

To find out more about our new refund feature, you can fill out your details in our online query form, send us an email at,  or contact FoodStorm directly on +613 9935 2718.

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