Proudly Built In-House: Now Officially Recognised as ‘Australian Made and Owned’

FoodStorm's official Australian Made and Owned certification badge

FoodStorm’s humble beginnings in 2007 started with our Australian co-founders realising there was no true all-in-one catering software built for the nuances of the catering and prepared foods industry. Since then, FoodStorm has grown to the world leading catering software solution it is today. In that time, FoodStorm has remained an Australian built and owned company, proudly growing to serve caterers both domestically and around the globe. To further separate ourselves from competitors who may outsource their operations, FoodStorm has become the only catering software in the world to be awarded with the Australian Made and Owned certification.

What is the Australian Made and Owned certification?

The Australian Made and Owned certification is part of the Australian Made Campaign, which is a not-for-profit organisation that provides third-party accreditation through detailed business audits, ensuring products certified are ‘genuinely Australian’. For over 30 years, the Australian Made Campaign has helped thousands of brands and businesses communicate their Australian credentials to consumers, businesses and governments.

How is FoodStorm built in-house?

FoodStorm Catering Software was developed by our two Australian co-founders; one was a caterer and the other a computer software developer. At our headquarters in Melbourne, our in-house team of software developers create, maintain and update our proprietary code. Our software is made by Australians, in Australia. With high hopes to continue our international growth, we are committed to always keeping our vital operations in-house to ensure our customer receive the best service, support and software on the market.

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The FoodStorm Team

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