Manage your customer requirements for online ordering, cost centres and approval processes in one central system. FoodStorm’s powerful on-site catering software makes it easy for Foodservice Management businesses to successfully manage their catering operation.

Configure FoodStorm’s on-site catering software to your needs

FoodStorm lets you quickly add and remove meeting rooms, update menu items, prices, pictures and internal cost centres. Easily track additional requirements such as meeting start/finish times, ensuring rooms are cleared quickly after meetings.



Foodservice Management Catering Software - a single system powers multiple sites

If you are a Foodservice Management business and provide on-site catering software for for multiple companies and locations, you can centralise your menu and customer database while providing single site access to orders. Foodservice Management Catering Software administrators can view all data for global reporting and support. Our expert implementation team will help you customise menus for each site if required.

Branded Onsite corporate catering online ordering

FoodStorm’s on-site catering software and online ordering services are tailored to your customers’ needs. Employees at each company can simply select their office and meeting room and pay using a cost centre or company credit card. Our design team provides professional branding to match the client’s intranet or your own website.



Powerful reporting per site

FoodStorm on-site corporate catering software offers a suite of reports that can be run per site. Production, delivery and finance reports help manage the day-to-day operations and our global reports cover all site data.

FoodStorm's On-Site Catering system is used by leading organisations including

On-Site Catering Software FAQs

Yes, FoodStorm has been designed for on site corporate / office catering, and can be setup with corporate account information, cost centers and even allow you to select buildings and meeting rooms for delivery. FoodStorm works with many of the world's largest on site caterers including Spotless, Sodexo and Compass Group.

Yes. FoodStorm works with many enterprise catering companies and can provide reports consolidating information across various catering sites / catering contracts.

Yes. FoodStorm is very configurable, allowing you to configure each site to their specific needs.

Yes. FoodStorm allows the largest Food Service Management caterers to manage their operations across many sites, globally.

Yes. FoodStorm offers a suite of reports that can be run across all operations, and also has amazing catering dashboards to highlight key trends.

Want to know more?

Our Features pages have more details of some of FoodStorm on-site catering software’s main modules.
We’re happy to show you how our Foodservice Management catering software can help you work more efficiently and accurately.