Managing the catering for private functions and major events can be a headache. But it won’t be with the right tool: FoodStorm Event Catering Software. Our event catering solution was specifically created to make life easier for event caterers. Not only does FoodStorm’s event catering system take care of efficient quoting, ordering and invoicing, it even lets you manage staff and logistics and gives a personalised and professional touch to every order.

Manage staff efficiently

FoodStorm event catering software makes managing catering staff for events easy. It simplifies the process of assigning employees to an event and emails shift details to your staff. The event catering system can record unavailability of employees and will ensure staff members aren’t double booked. You can easily see unallocated shifts and ensure you have the correct staff attending an event. Detailed staff instructions created within FoodStorm event catering software and sent to the employees in question will help ensure your events will run smoothly.

FoodStorm event catering software also integrates with Deputy for automated rostering & timesheeting.

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Customised event logs

Automatically generate a run sheet for your event in FoodStorm event catering software, listing everything from food and staffing to equipment and check lists. When we implement your event catering solution, our skilled team will work with you to create the perfect event log document that is fully customised to meet your requirements. So you will get event logs that have everything in it you need and nothing that you don’t.

Powerful quoting

Sending out complete event catering quotes quickly and efficiently will help get you more business. FoodStorm event catering software enables you to easily put together and send out a professional quote and then follow up and track all quote changes. Custom-designed templates, which we will create for you to your specifications, ensure your quotes reflect the significance of the Birthday, Wedding or special event they represent.



Easy Event Catering Software CRM

Good customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial in running a successful business. FoodStorm’s event catering solution stores all the important information about your customers, allowing you to improve your relationships with them. Whether you want to know when they placed their last order or if they have any quotes pending, FoodStorm places this information at your fingertips. No need to remember addresses or details such as birthdays or wedding milestones: it’s all right there in your order screen.

Deposits and payment

FoodStorm’s event catering software helps you easily manage the financial side of event catering too. For large events, you can specify a deposit required and track all payments in the system. Sending your deposit invoices from FoodStorm’s event catering solution will ensure you are paid quickly and that orders are locked in.


Event Catering Software FAQs

Yes. FoodStorm is perfect to manage your event catering needs including major events catering, private function catering, wedding catering, birthday catering and more.

Yes. FoodStorm allows you to create professional, branded proposals for your event catering, saving you time and impressing your customers.

Yes. FoodStorm provides a calendar of all of your upcoming catering events, allowing you to manage your team and your event scheduling seamlessly.

Yes. FoodStorm knows how important run sheets and other event logs are to a successfully catered event. All event sheets are configurable, and can be customized to include your branding, food, staff, equipment checklists, and more.

Yes. FoodStorm catering software allows you to allocate staff to events, manage shifts and communicate with your staff. If you use Deputy, you can even synchronize the data for automated rostering and timesheeting.

Want to know more?

Our Features pages have more details of some of FoodStorm’s event catering software’s main modules.
We’re happy to show you how our event catering software can help you work more efficiently and accurately.