Goodie is based in Melbourne CBD and specialises in corporate catering and events.

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Lyn Brown


Goodie is based in Melbourne CBD and specialises in corporate catering and events. Our food is made fresh daily, we use recyclable serving ware and our couriers deliver on customised bikes all over the city. We love working with individual clients to create customised food and wine events.

Like all start-ups, we had few systems and developed what we needed along the way. A lot of our initial schedules were spreadsheet based, but as the business grew these became totally inadequate. As the volume of orders increased we were spending most of our time on administration and scheduling, to the detriment of sales and marketing, menu and staff development.

After trialling FoodStorm it was obvious that their system would cater for all of our current and future requirements.

When your key customers are corporates, you need to be very nimble and flexible without compromising quality. FoodStorm enables us to quickly respond to orders, and clearly and efficiently communicate updates to our staff. Our customers love the quick order confirmation, and scheduling deliveries is a breeze.

The implementation process itself went very smoothly. Because the FoodStorm system is so intuitive, we pretty much worked the whole thing out during our trial period, with no need for a cumbersome User manual. And the team at FoodStorm were always very responsive and helpful whenever we had a question. Our staff have taken to FoodStorm very quickly; they love the accessibility, clarity and flexibility.

In addition, administration tasks have reduced markedly. We can schedule updates easily and efficiently, and we don’t need to print and distribute numerous reports as our staff can easily access FoodStorm at any time on any of their mobile devices. And the integration with our accounting software is an absolute dream, exporting invoices at the touch of a button.

Our customers are very happy. We can cost and confirm a quote really quickly, send clear and concise delivery dockets, and invoice on the same day.

For us, the FoodStorm system has been 100% reliable since going live – we have total trust in this system. The ongoing support we’ve received from the FoodStorm team has been excellent. Emails are always responded to promptly, and it’s fantastic to be able to get a report tweaked or customised to our specific needs.

Overall we are thrilled with FoodStorm, and would happily recommend it to anyone who wants fast, efficient systems in their business.