3 Reasons Office Catering is the Next Post-COVID Perk

employees serving themselves office catering

After 2020 thrust upon the world the biggest work-from-home experiment to date, companies now are left in a pickle of how to entice their employees back into the office. Flexible working policies have plenty of positive aspects, with many management teams realising unexpected returns during these times. But what happens now when offices and operations are ramping back up and leaders want to build back their in-person office culture? 

It all comes down to office perks! Aside from on-site parking, pet-friendly offices and staff happy hours, a rising star for in-office benefits has emerged: employee catering. Read on to learn why office catering could be the next post-COVID perk for enticing employees back into the office.

1) Office catering helps foster a social workplace

Food is the ultimate equaliser. Providing your staff with opportunities to connect over a shared meal or drink helps boost team morale. Regardless of individuals’ preferences and experiences with their remote work arrangements, creating space for your team members to socialise with each other after a potentially less social last 12+ months can be a powerful attractor for in-office operations.

2) Offering employee meals encourages breaks to recharge 

Now over a year into the pandemic, one main theme among the global workforce has rooted itself deeply across all industries: worker burnout. There are a multitude of factors as to why today’s workforce is so burnt out, coming from both personal and professional sources, as well as internal and external. By providing office catering you are promoting a culture that values taking time away from work to recharge. This may seem like a simplified fix for a complex problem, but small actions over time can amount to great results. Serving your staff hot meals isn’t going to make burnout disappear, but it can contribute something positive to each person’s day.

3) Providing meals helps relieve employee stress of organising their own meals 

With everyone experiencing unexpected consequences and stressors due to the pandemic’s life-changing ripple effects, the constant to-do of planning and preparing, or just ordering, meals can become a weight on peoples’ shoulders. By providing in-office catering you are telling your employees you care about their wellbeing, you can promote healthy lifestyles through the food served, as well as nourish your team, literally, so they can focus on other things. How nice is it when someone cooks you a meal? Now translate that into your company taking care of that for you every work day. 

It’s time to take your corporate catering to the next level

There are plenty of benefits to offering corporate catering, but without the right systems in place it can become a planning and logical nightmare. That’s where FoodStorm comes in. 

Contact us today to learn how FoodStorm Catering Software can help grow your corporate catering business and help you do more catering, less work.

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