New FoodStorm Features – Q2 2017

The FoodStorm Team are continuously looking for ways to innovate and enhance our catering software for an improved customer experience. As part of our mid-year upgrade, we are excited to announce the release of a great range of new features that will help our catering customers achieve their full potential. Check out what’s new below.

Closure Periods

FoodStorm now provides powerful new functions for managing days and times when your business cannot accept orders:

  • Customers can now specify unlimited future closure periods.
  • For customers who operate multiple sites in FoodStorm, you can optionally specify closures specific to each site.
  • Customers can now create Time Blocks that restrict orders for a specific time of day – for example during busy periods or major events when your kitchen is at capacity.
  • FoodStorm now displays a warning when you attempt to add an order for a day when you are closed:

Foodstorm-New FoodStorm Features

Find out more about Closures in FoodStorm.

Online Invoice Payment

Customers using the FoodStorm Payments & Shopping Cart modules now have the option of allowing your customers to pay an invoice online with a simple click:

Your customers don’t need a shopping cart account to pay invoices online, and you can do away with hand-written remittance advices!

Foodstorm-New FoodStorm Features2

Find out more about online invoice payment.

Online Quote Approval and Deposit Payment

FoodStorm users now have the option of allowing your customers to approve quotes online by simply clicking an Approve button in their quote.

If you’re using the Payments module and your quote requires a deposit payment, customers must provide credit card details and pay the deposit amount in order for the quote to be approved:

Find out more about online quote approval.

Reckon Accounts Hosted Integration

For our Australian customers we’re pleased to announce a new integration with Reckon Accounts Hosted. For customers using the Desktop version of Reckon Accounts, you now have the option of switching to Reckon’s hosted version.

Find out more about the Reckon Accounts Hosted integration.

And More!

Different Minimum Order Amounts per Company

For online ordering, customers can now override their minimum order amount for selected companies, allowing even more of your customers to place orders online.

Promo Codes per Site

Customers operating multiple sites can now create online promo codes for specific sites only. This can be great for franchises, or for piloting promotions at selected locations.

For any questions about using these new features, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, give us a call on +613 9935 2718 or email our support team at

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