Roche Bros. Supermarkets

Roche Bros. is a grocery store chain with 18 locations in the US. Roche Bros. also provide a catering service, servicing the Massachusetts and Greater Boston area. Their catering ranges from cocktail parties to wedding and corporate events.

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John Lauderbach

VP Information Technology

Before using FoodStorm, we were experiencing integration issues with our general ledger and order tracking. Our point of sale system wasn’t functioning optimally for catering, and we had no online or mobile presence which meant that many catering opportunities may have been missed due to lack of exposure. After hiring a consulting firm to assess our requirements and research the market for appropriate providers, FoodStorm were the standout choice.

We chose FoodStorm over other providers for a number of reasons. We were looking for a SaaS solution that had flexible configuration, direct integration with our point of sale and financial software, along with an adaptive mobile experience for our customers. FoodStorm addressed all of these requirements and more.

Since implementing FoodStorm, online ordering has opened up a brand new sales and customer service channel. The secure storage of our customers’ credit card details has made repeat purchases faster and easier, which is beneficial for our customer retention.

Along with this, FoodStorm has reduced admin work for our operations team considerably. Having our catering system integrated with our point of sale and financial systems has removed a large amount of double-entry of data. This also allows our customers to pay for their catering at point of sale with much less hassle.

The implementation of the FoodStorm software was excellent. The FoodStorm team were very responsive and skilled at getting our systems integrated. Although the software was very well received, the only challenges that arose were internal. Changes in any operational system can be difficult to implement, however overall we are glad we moved over to the new platform.

Since going live we’ve had no issues and the software has been extremely reliable. We’ve been very happy with the ongoing support we’ve receive from the FoodStorm team and would recommend them to others – we need more vendors like FoodStorm.