Nashi run a large catering operation as well as running several cafes around Melbourne. Nashi not only use the shopping cart for customer orders but store ordering as well.

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  • Customer Since: July 2007
  • Solution: Corporate Catering
  • Average orders per month: 2000

Tracey Croker

Catering & Business Development Manager

What challenges were you facing that made you look at FoodStorm?

Creating Production Logs for 11 Cafes and Catering Clients Daily.

What made you choose FoodStorm to replace your existing system?

It was a complete system that updated our menu on our website, invoiced our clients and created production logs. It was the perfect solution for us.

What processes have been simplified since using FoodStorm?

Changing our menu, invoicing our clients, managing sections in our kitchen with tidy production and delivery logs

What is your favourite FoodStorm feature and why?

The ability to have different price levels for each wholesale and catering customer. I also love updating our menu on the website within seconds.