European Catering

As one of the first catering companies in Sydney to be awarded the prestigious Gold Catering License, European Catering bring 20+ years to the catering industry, earning themselves the reputation of one of Sydney’s finest event caterers.

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Petch Nittayaphant

Director of Marketing & Major Events

European Catering is a gold licence and HACCP certified caterer. We cater for corporate, private & wedding events. Our services are provided to the greater Sydney community from the CBD, suburban and rural areas also. Our reputation for providing impeccable service, a passion for food and a commitment to facilitating all our client’s event needs and requirements have secured our place as one of Sydney’s finest catering companies.

What problems were you facing with your catering operation before using FoodStorm?

Our previous software was no longer providing support and after care, so to avoid losing a lot of our data and information we needed to find new software to engage.

Why did you choose FoodStorm over other solutions to solve these problems?

Compared to other software programs we engaged, FoodStorm provided us with what we needed. It was more user friendly, efficient and has taken a lot of time away from our old quoting processes. The support we have is second to none and nothing is too much – there is always a solution or we have come to find a different way of doing something. The process has not been as stressful.

What are the key features provided by FoodStorm that were most important to your business?

  • Client details
  • Menus

How was the implementation process when working with the FoodStorm team?

The process has been easier than expected. With new software comes change, but FoodStorm have been so helpful at keeping our event sheets quite similar to our previous layout. From the beginning nothing has been too much, they are friendly and approachable. Our team have found it so much easier to quote especially.

What was the business reaction to the new FoodStorm system?

We were quite sceptical at first considering our previous demonstrations of software and it not turning out to be what we thought we needed. However, the moment Miranda arrived, the user-friendly program was something we have all come around to enjoy using. The ease it takes to add an item into the system for menus, client details and notes has been great.

In what ways has admin work reduced for your operations team?

FoodStorm has dramatically reduced quoting time for our team.

In what ways has customer service improved?

The FoodStorm system allows European Catering Team to work more efficiently and productively. Our team are able to respond to client enquiries in a timely manner – since integrating FoodStorm there is a faster turnaround time for our clients from lodging a catering enquiry and receiving a quote, through to converting the quote to a confirmed booking.

How reliable has the FoodStorm system been since going live?

It has been very reliable for our team. So far we have not faced any difficulties.

How would you describe the ongoing support you’ve received from the FoodStorm team?

It has been amazing; there is always a prompt response from the Foodstorm team.

Overall, is your business happy with the results of using FoodStorm and would you recommend FoodStorm?

Our company is very pleased with the user-friendly program and we certainly have been recommending it to our industry friends.