Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery started as a little rustic corner store bakery cafe in the winter of 2004, and over the years has grown to become a much loved Sydney staple.

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James Vacher

Marketing & Communications Manager

Bourke Street Bakery is a Sydney institution that is well known for its devotion towards gourmet pastries, sweets, and artisan bread using quality ingredients. Everything we produce is made by hand with dedication and love.

Before FoodStorm our catering process was arduous, an overly manual process that was restricted to general working hours and prone to human error. FoodStorm covered every possible scenario we currently undertook and had a solution to every problem we were experiencing

The key features provided by FoodStorm that are most important to our business is the ability to segment our menu easily for our customer base to enable them to peruse our entire menu easily and efficiently, and also provide us with real-time reporting.

The implementation process when working with the FoodStorm team was easy. It probably was not the most opportune time to implement FoodStorm in the lead up to the Christmas rush but the user ability of the system made it very easy for our team to learn and saved countless man hours during the busiest time of the year.

Before FoodStorm we had an employee entirely devoted to managing catering. Now they have been freed up to perform other tasks and grow the business in other ways. The ability to quickly and easily upload new food items and have them immediately available to customers has been a game changer with our constantly changing menu.

Being an artisan bakery with varying lead times on food items, FoodStorm has made it very easy to quickly educated customer about this fact and easily redirect them to food items that meet their requirements as well as ours.

Before FoodStorm we were basically restricted to 300 catering orders per month due to the amount of time it took to process each order. Since introducing FoodStorm we have easily eclipsed this monthly quota without even breaking a sweat.

The FoodStorm system has been foolproof since going live. There has been a little bit of a learning curve on our end and we have now even altered some of our internal procedures.

And the support from the FoodStorm team has been amazing. If we have any questions there is always a solution provided swiftly.

Overall, our business is happy with the results of using FoodStorm, and we would absolutely recommend this program to others.