Powerful New Features for Event Caterers

Managing large events such as Weddings, Corporate Functions, Conferences & Festivals can be complex. There are so many factors to consider besides the food, such as Event Schedules, Staffing, Hire, Security and much more.

We are pleased to introduce a range of new features to our FoodStorm Catering Management Software that make it easier to manage your event catering.

Protect your work with Draft Orders & Auto-Save

Have you ever left your computer in a hurry only to return to missing work? Computer crashes, power cuts or just plain human error can result in hours of lost work. To help combat accidental data loss, FoodStorm now automatically saves a draft of your orders & quotes..

Saved in 30 seconds

Auto-save is a fantastic feature that automatically saves your work as you go. Every 30 seconds FoodStorm’s software will automatically save the draft for you. And since FoodStorm is cloud hosted, your data is securely stored in an off-site location and backed up daily.


Better productivity with draft orders

Managing multiple catering orders can be a challenge with frequent interruptions. Have you ever been in the middle of entering a catering order when another customer calls with another order?

With FoodStorm’s new draft feature, you can simply save a draft copy of order or quote that you are working on – and come back to it later.

All your (draft) orders in one place

FoodStorm keeps all your catering orders and communications close at hand by storing them all on our cloud hosted platform. That means you can jump online and manage your catering company from anywhere without missing a beat. Once you generate a draft order or quote, it will be available across all your FoodStorm enabled devices.

Flexible communication with Custom Email Templates


Does your catering business attract a lot of weddings, corporate events or birthday parties?

Are you sick of typing in the same details over and over again when communicating with your customers?

FoodStorm’s new custom email templates feature will save you time sending quotes and orders with your own set of custom email templates. For example, you could create an Email Template for your corporate catering orders that is short and concise – but create a more detailed Email Template for your Wedding Quotes.

You can also attach multiple PDF documents to each email template, such as Quotes, Contracts & Terms & Conditions – giving you complete control of your email communication.

Track your event changes with a detailed history


FoodStorm is helping more catering managers stay on top of their orders and quotes with cloud enabled history to track and store all amendments and communications between you and your clients.

Keep all your communications in one place, connected to your orders and quotes, and access them from your phone, computer, tablet anywhere there’s an internet connection.

FoodStorm logs every communication including the time, date person and action. Because FoodStorm lives in the cloud, you’ll can access your communications on any FoodStorm enabled device.

Easily compare order changes

If you’ve been managing a complex order that has gone through changes FoodStorm makes it easy for you to compare the differences.

You can compare changes between any 2 order revisions, and changes are colour coded to make it easy to see what’s changed.

Customise your quotes with Notes

Add more detail to your quotations with FoodStorm’s new order notes feature. Add notes such as event schedules, dietary requirements, layout & styling and more – all of which can be sent to your customers in a professional PDF document.

The new Order Notes feature integrates seamlessly with FoodStorms order history, so that you can track all changes made to notes within a Quote. You can exactly who & when a change was made to a quote. Want to find out more about Foodstorm’s event catering capabilities? Read more about our features here.

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