Introducing FoodStorm CRM

Data is king, and FoodStorm’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are an invaluable data resource for any customer service oriented business. FoodStorm CRM provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Enabling your team to provide tailored customer service – by providing fast, easy access to real-time customer information and sales data.
  • Send targeted marketing communication (either via email or traditional mail) by segmenting your customers based on a wide range of sales criteria.
  • Giving you the data you need to make business decisions and adjust your marketing tactics, based on trends and patterns in your client base. e.g. High & low performing products, sales volumes by location, order type (corporate vs. event) and sales trends over time.
  • Help ensure your customers specific requirements are always met by recording standing order instructions (i.e. platter preferences, delivery instructions or dietary requirements).

FoodStorm’s new Customer Relationship Management features give you the tools you need to achieve greater profitability and customer satisfaction.   

Key Features

Gain powerful insights about your customers using real-time Customer Relationship Management data, allowing you to explore sales history, predict upcoming activity, and assess and record key customer information every time you place an order or quote.

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Saved searches allow you to group your customers based on their sales data and use it to guide your CRM or marketing activities (for example, you can quickly identify all new customers, consistent top spenders, or customers who have not ordered for 30 days). Saved searches can be easily exported into Excel, and they also sync with MailChimp for targeted email campaigns.

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How to get FoodStorm CRM

To find out more about the Customer Relationship Management features in FoodStorm, you can fill in your details in our online query form, email us at, or call us directly on +613 9935 2718.

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